Sunday, September 14, 2008

The things you can accomplish...

Saturday morning was awesome... we attended the second annual "Walk Their Walk" event at Lake Muray in La Mesa, a walkathon where 100% of the proceeds go to build water wells and a school in a village in Zambia.

Two years ago the need in Zambia was as dire as ever, yet this effort that began construction for the desperately-needed water and education after last year's walk simply did not exist... until our friend from high school, Kathryn in the photo above, decided she would do something about the life-changing experience she had visiting the African village.

Kathryn, a local mom, created Walk Their Walk working with friends Tara and Jody, and they have raised over $44,000 for the African village! The event was great, with over 250 walkers and a busload of students from one local high school (thank you Sonja from our MeetUp group for arranging that). The educational exhibits, music and just plain old old sense of community is something we will not forget. Our one-year old loved the African displays (below), we can't wait until next year!

THE TIP: You can do anything, and we must teach our children to try to do everything to help those in need. Lead by example and let people like Kathryn be an example to us.


Elizabeth said...

HOW COOL - do you have more photos? Is that your little boy? He's so much bigger than the last time we saw you- hugs!

Gabriela said...

That's Alec actually, I'll see if Kath has more photos or you can try the website and I think she has video loaded on there too