Saturday, September 27, 2008

Launching a Business...

I taught a class this morning that actually combined two classes I have given before ("Building a Business for Long-Term Success" and "How to Get the Word Out").

The people in the class were pretty amazing -- an author and career coach, an entreprenur developing a great must-have bag, an artist, a financial planner... it was amazing that although we came from so many different backgrounds and have such different businesses we were all on the same page when it came to the excitement, challenges, obstacles and definition of success.

We had lengthy discussions about how to measure success and I loved the quote one woman shared from a mentor: "Find success at the speed of balance."

As I shared marketing outreach strategies and tactics learned from working at places like CNN and one of the oldest PR firms in town, it was extremely gratifying to see the confidence building for each person to call up an editor or reporter and share their press release and unique offering. We all promised to stay in touch and track the progress of each business, which I know will each be successful.

THE TIP: You cannot be successful if you run your business behind a computer. It is one thing for people to receive your emails, but a tremendous benefit for your contacts and for you to engage in community and networking activities as you get out there and have fun "working" :)


Anonymous said...

Who are the businesses that you're talking about?

Gabriela said...

The author and career coach is Marcy Morrison ( who just taught an awesome career workshop with us, the financial planner if Elizabeth Dang-Samuel of Ameriprise and the artist is Brenda of Keep an eye on these ladies, they are all doing great things!