Monday, September 29, 2008

About Marriage and Bark Bowls

Yesterday was lovely; I attended a bridal shower in Coronado and got to see dear friends and so much love among Beth, her sister and some pretty amazing women in their lives... and we were even blessed with the most beautiful weather -- blue skies as the "something blue" to be :)

Congratulations Amy, for picking such a terrific guy (some of you got to see Marcel during his San Diego performance with Tales of Banyan). And congratulations to Marcel for not only getting a great gal to marry but one with such good taste -- I could not get over the unique items on her gift registry!

One gift that we all just had to pass around was the Crate and Barrel Bark Bowl - an eco-friendly bowl made from a solid piece of mango wood, it still had the most amazing woodsy, smoky smell and was a piece of art.

So the "Bark Bowl" is now on my holiday wish list, along with the corresponding "Twig Servers," which are such a quaint little pair that I'm reminded of this young couple and the marriage advice I offered them on a card at the shower...

THE TIP: What I wrote to Amy, "You have already done the most important thing, which is to pick the right guy! Now just be sure and treat him like your boyfriend from the very day he becomes your husband." XOXO


Beth said...

What a sweet blog post, Gaby! I'm going to subscribe to your blog and check it out regularly.

Thank you SO MUCH for coming to the shower. It means so much to me and my sister.

Amy said...

Hi Gaby!

I love this post! Thanks again for coming, it was super fun.

I love the bark bowl too. It was actually one of the things Marcel picked out! I was going to include the twig servers (because they are awesome) but I remembered that I already have a very special wooden serving set that was actually a wedding gift to my parents. So I guess that fits in with "something old, something new".

Thanks again! :)

xoxo, Amy

Gabriela said...

You guys are so sweet - Amy, what is your blog again? I LOVED IT, could not stop lauging and want to add it to my track list.... see you at the BIG day coming up so soon!