Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our first and most important class: A New CPR Method Everyone Should be Aware of...

People often ask what the very first class was that we offered on our online catalog. And the response surprises them, since our "CPR / Infant CPR / First Aid" class may seem a little bland compared to other activities.

The amazing instructor, Brenda, whom we selected after interviewing about a dozen, was already teaching a brand new "hands-Only CPR" method last Fall before it became official in May. As she explained, the research data has been astounding, showing that hands-only CPR is effective in accomplishing the #1 goal of performing CPR: To keep oxygen flowing into the brain until paramedics arrive.

Click here for info about our next CPR class, October 4th in Little Italy, and to see photos of that very first, and very important, class in our living room where we, and 8 other new friends were CPR certified. We look forward to seeing you there!

THE TIP: Everyone should be aware of the new guidelines for "Hands-Only CPR." Please click here for an MSNBC article on the new method and share the info with everyone you know.

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