Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our newest class on Channel 10

Check out Stacey of San Diego Bargain Mama; or maybe you saw her live on Channel 10 Tuesday sharing her expertise on helping families save money.

Her segment featured our newest class "Taking the Grocery Store by Storm" that pays for itself giving $25 in coupons and 3 months subscription to Thrifty Kitchen. This is a great new service that couples items on sale at the grocery store with coupons PLUS RECIPES so that you know what to do with that chuck roast and fancy spice that is on sale that week.

Lisa Leete, founder of Thrifty Kitchen, is a terrific lady and is really on to something with her new service. We are so lucky to have her here in San Diego to share directly with us the secrets to thrifty, healthy cooking and ot then walk us step-by-step at the grocery store.

We'll post the clip on the "News" section of our website (check out the text posting of the Ch 10 news segment). We'll also be sure to include a posting with photos when the class takes place!

THE TIP: You get the greatest grocery store savings when you buy an item already on sale, use a coupon for the item and buy at a store that doubles your coupon. The $5 off $20 purchase at Henry's and Fresh & Easy are also great savers. We'll have these coupons for people in class!

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