Tuesday, May 12, 2009

National Mom's Nite Out Photos!

This blog post is going to be all about THANK YOU's to all of the amazing people that made our National Mom's Nite Out event so much fun :)

THANK YOU to Jill Johnson, owner of Facelogic Spa for hosting. Stop by her fabuous new spa at 208 N. El Camino Real, Suite C or call them at (760) 840-3223 to book a facial (just $59!!). You can have them host a spa party for your group or just enjoy an amazing spa experience. Click here to read my review on my facial :)

THANK YOU to Rowell (www.photosbyrowell.com) for taking the beautiful photos at the event. You've got to have him at your next party or event, he was just terrific!!

THANK YOU Friends With Class for making the funky Mom-osas (don't ya love the ear plugs tied around the stem??!!)

THANK YOU Stacey of San Diego Bargain Mama for bringing awesome giveaways, providing a great spread and Twittering live at the event! (see our updates @sdbargainmama and @friendswclass)

Stacey and our Ms. Organized instructor, Tracy, above -- THANK YOU to the awesome ladies that joined us!

THANK YOU to Kristen of "Wine Shop at Home" for providing wine tasting and guidance on the reds and whites -- contact her to have a similar wine tasting party at your place, it was so much fun!

THANK YOU to all the ladies that brought accessories to swap and donate to a women's charity. Check out Alexis (author of Baby's Little Log Book) below browsing the wares -- we all went home with some cute new accessories!

THANK YOU to Wayne Johnson, Jill's husband and the amazing Grammy Award-winning musician for providing rockin' entertainment. He was just featured in Carlsbad Magazine (below) and we got to hear his beautiful tunes all to ourselves!


THE TIP: You don't need a National Holiday to get out for a Mom's Nite Out... get together at a spa, restaurant or at home to spend quality girl time.

Call Jill at (760) 840-3223 if you want your next MNO to be a spa party - we had a blast!


Lara said...

What's an Accesorries Swap? Looks like fun, are u doing another?

Gabriela said...

YIKES - this one is going to be an annual event celebrating the "National Day" -- it's always such a bear to plan these events that I'll need a facial after each one!!

Maybe we'll do a "Spa Day" - that would be fun an more low-key to plan :)

Gabriela said...

Oh - and search "Swap" on the blog to see a full decsription of the "Frock Swap" we did, but basically everyone brings things to give away, we go through each item one at a time and people pick what they want to take home, what is not claimed gets to go to a charity.

I got an adorable little cap and brooch, fun!

Kate said...

I need a mimosa (MOMOSA!) right about now!!

Louise Julig said...

Thanks for posting the photos—that was a fun evening! It was nice to put names and faces to some of my local Twitter acquaintances and meet new folks as well. What a great group!
Louise, aka @ThoughtsHappen

P.S. The music was amazing - what a treat.