Saturday, May 23, 2009

Isn't it the best feeling when your house, office, garage or even your Blackberry are organized?

But what is it that always gets in the way when we're trying to get organized?? It's usually ourselves abd our inability to get rid of the clutter that will free up the space we need to be organized!

This is the theme in our latest organization class taught our favorite Organizational Coach, Miss Organized (Tracy Paye of

Students from her previous organization class at a friend's home in San Elijo Hills said: "Tracy knows her topic - would recommend this to family and friends!" Julie M.

And: "It was an unusual format to be in someone's home but it turned out to be very useful and interesting to see actual organization needs in person. Great instructor!" Wendy S.

As Tracy explains about this next installment in her Organization Class: "By getting rid of a few belongings, it will motivate and inspire you to do more and create momentum to continue once you get home."

Class will be held on Wed, June 10 from 6-8 pm at a private home in Banker's Hill.

CLICK HERE for all details and to register for the class.

THE TIP: For many of us, it is our office space that gets out of control keeping us stuck in clutter where productivity should reign!

Check out the before and after shots of an office Tracy organized as showcased on our friend Stacey's website. This client of Tracy's saw his business increase by 50% within 2 weeks after the completion of the project:

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