Saturday, February 21, 2009

Organize With Confidence to Get More SPACE!!

The Frock Swap was so much fun a few weeks ago -- look for another one coming up soon in La Jolla! This charity event gives you a great excuse to clean out your closet and make room for the new threads you will bring home.

But don't stop at just digging out clothes you will no longer wear... use this as an excuse to get your entire closet organized. Or better yet, take our newest class "Organizing With Confidence" led by a pro (Tracy Paye, Miss Organized herself in the photo above!).

Let's face it: These days nobody is moving into larger homes -- we have to make do with the space we have even though our families are growing and many of us are now working from home. Our space is much more crowded making life feel more stressed out, cramped and scattered.

Tracy will lead this class at friend Cynthia's home in San Elijo Hills where she will walk our group through the steps needed to organize the hostesses' problem closet. We can enjoy refreshments while making new friends and learning first-hand how to get organized.

CLICK HERE to register for the "Organization Class" and don't forget to bring a photo of your problem spot (my desk!!!) because Tracy will spend time with each of us reviewing our photo and issue to provide specific steps and tips on where to get started

THE TIP: Think of you goal as having LESS STUFF cluttering your life, to have MORE SPACE to think, create and enjoy. Isn't it the best rush to see a clean desk, room or even organized kitchen cabinet?

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Melissa said...

Can you share some before and after photos of the types of spaces she has organized? Thanks