Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photography Tips

Well the "Little Snaps" class has started and I am getting the greatest shots of the kids at the New Children's Museum. The photo above is one of my favorites -- there is a really neat white dome exhibit (kind of like an igloo) that filters the light in an amazing way and this photo of Evan looking at Alec makes think this is what we all look like sometimes... a little foggy and hard to figure out!

Another cute photo is below from the "rain on tin roof" exhibit (see little brother in the window?!) This venue just has the coolest little spots to take pictures... click here to see more shots. I can wait to see the pictures developed from Evan's camera; he's in the igloo below taking photos of the other kids.

THE TIP: Amanda showed me how to set my camera (ISO at 400) to get really sharp photos. The CF card fills up quickly and I'm sure the files are huge but they look great!


Emma said...

how much is the class? what do we bring?

Gabriela said...

It's $18 per class for a prent and child - and that includes museum admission for the day, so it's a great deal :)

You should bring your camera to practice taking photos and you can bring a little disposable camera for your child or buy one at the museum.

There are 4 classes letf in the 6-class series, so come out for the rest of the session or just sign up for the day by calling the museum - see you there!