Monday, February 2, 2009

Frock Swap in South Park

"What is a frock swap?" you ask... well I was wondering the same thing, until I went to the one in South Park Saturday and had such a blast!

I packed up a bunch of clothes I am not going to put to use anymore and I came home with some adorable "new" stylish finds (click here to see more photos from the event).

My "frock swap" naivette was cured by Elizabeth (organizer) and Melissa (planner) who did a fabulous job. They had a whole method to this taking turns showing each piece. And as I sipped a mimosa, met some great ladies and got a sort of fashion show, the time just flew by... basically you donate clothes, pick clothes to take home from other donated items and whatever is left over goes to a charity :)

My favorite was the vintage dress above that one of the gals took home and all of the Australian clothes that a woman who had just moved to the US brought along. The tube top below was hilarious, we had some laughs over what some of us had found deep in our closets... from the 80s or from wilder days ;)

At the end of the event I gave some goodie bags (thanks Sephora!) that I had from our Fashionable Fall class to the gals that put this on and we had a fun raffle for a few more bags. Best of all were all of the unclaimed clothes that were left over which are going to a charity for battered women (Rachel's House), for women seeking work (Dress for Success) and to Cinderella's Attic for girls that need prom dresses (click here to read more details about the event on our catalog).

The Union Tribune ran info about this event in the Smart Living section (thanks Nina, we love the
Frugal Shopaholic blog!) and there were so many RSVPs as a result of that mention that we will have to set up a second frock swap... stay tuned...

THE TIP: Pick something at the frock swap that you would never have bought for yourself and you can mix it up in your closet in a fun and surprising way... I donated mostly work clothes that my 3 business trips per year no longer call for (used to be 3 a week before the kids!) and I wanted to come back with some different styles.

Well the Audrey Hepburn-ish striped camisol that I got is kind of standard for what I would get (LOVE it though!) but the funky Japanese tee with bright colors and sequins is so far from anything else in my closet that it could be a new favorite now :)

Look at all of these clothes that will go to great charities - that was the best part!


Kristen said...

Can you do one to trade baby items or toddler clothes too? I'll call you as I may want to host that one

Anonymous said...

VERY VERY COOL - never heard of this but it looks like a good deal for everyone

ali said...

Vintage - who was the make?

Gabriela said...

I'm not sure... let me email the girls and see if they can post that here....