Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rockin' Out at Legoland

Took the boys to Legoland yesterday, it was the sunniest day I think we've ever had in January here in San Diego! We met up with a friend and her son and went on the little storybook boat ride and then to the usual playground there.

My friend reminded us that there was a show starting in the little theater. And although we have passed that theater many times, we hd never gone inside. What a surprise and what a treat it was!

We saw the Journey to the Lost Temple and it was so much fun. There was the evil villain, the trusted hero, the funny mummy and the awesome 80s music (they sang "Walk Like an Egyptian" without the reference to crocodiles snap their teeth "on a cigarette" - very fun and very kid friendly!)

The best part was when you "travel through" space and the theater is pitch black with green stars flashed on eveyone - very cool :)

THE TIP: Lunch can be a little expensive (we have the annual pass so we get 20% off of the food) but a great tip is that you can go to the Garden restaurant next to the pirate splash area and order the tomato bisque in a cup instead of the bread bowl (normally $7.95 in the bread bowl but only $4.95 in the cup -- it is delicious, more healthy without the carbs and a great treat for teh kids).

They also make a good latte at that restaurant!

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