Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lotto vs Stocks - A Favorite Find!

FAVORTE FIND: Our friend Amy is hilarious, super cool and one of the most creative people we know. She's not just a great writer but also a great blogger (a talent which we know we lack here at FWTips, but we try!)

So who else but Amy to come up with this hilarious -- yet so logical in way -- idea. And what an awesome, simple and brilliant goal: to make it to Anderson Cooper 360 as a hologram! LOVE IT

Check out the details on the blog URL below, track it, post and share with friends!

THE TIP: No stock tips here, just two tidbits on Mr. Cooper whom I love... most people know he is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt (
click here to see a cute video of him interviewing her on CNN).

But not everyone knows that he is a tried and true journalist who worked his way up TV news.
CLICK HERE to see an ADORABLE video of his mom embarassing him when he was a young pup doing the news :)

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