Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Family Updates

Happy B-Day Evan - 4 years old!

The theme for the party started as "outer space" but once the invites went out
Evan wanted a "Praying Mantis" theme - his favorite bug.
So we ended up with "Bugs from Outer Space" - love how that just made sense to all the kids!!

The Astronaut (i.e. Steve) arrives.. upon opening the door there were horrified screams from the youngest guests but all of the kiddos thought it was amazing -- we had to keep them from running out front to see the space ship that surely was in the driveway! And Evan was just sad that Daddy didn't meet the astronaut ;)

The astronaut gave prizes to the kids and held a contest with Mommy to see who could blow up the biggest balloon (see the parents cracking up at this entertainment!)

Water balloons out back and a piƱata topped off the party... So much fun, we watched the sun go down and kids running around with sticky faces, soaking clothes and big grins!!

Before his party, Evan was at a karate tournament with his best pal Ryan. He won a trophy and was SO PROUD! (How do these kids have SO much energy??!!)

Other than our crazy Saturday, we have been keeping up with the cousins... Yoly and Ethan, he is 3 months old now and growing so fast :)

Nicolas ("Nico") was born just one month after Ethan to my other sister (Alejandra - "Handi") and his big sister Eva is the darling princess among her boy cousins! Eva will actually be the name of Mark's new restaurant

Cousin Ponchin also came to visit earlier this month, had a great time at the beach and Disneyland. And on July 15th we went with Poncho and Alicia to see the most amazing Coldplay concert (floor tickets - the most fun Steve and I have had in a while!)

Oh yeah - we also tok a roadtrip to Palm Springs in June, what could be more fun to our little guys than playing fort in the hotel room and jumping their little hearts out on the hotel bed?!

Much love from us and we hope to see you all soon,
Gaby, Steve, Evan & Alec

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