Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy, happy days!

Hi everyone, what a fall, winter, spring and summer it has been.... Since being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer last September, the seasons all blended together.

But friends and family reassured me all along the way that this would only be a season in our lives and sure enough it seems the worst is behind us.

I'm done with the chemo, surgery, radiation... The final pathology report showed that the 6mms on the pre-surgery MRI were actually benign, which means the chemo, your prayers, everything worked as well as we could have hoped: "complete resolution" meaning I am now cancer free :)

The photo above is of Steve and I at ComicCon, the boys had such a great time that day! Evan just turned 5 and Alec is the sweetest yet toughest little 3 yr old you ever met. I'm having a great time with family, getting back into the swing of things, still fearful some days that the cancer can come back but enjoying every moment of life nonetheless -- perhaps even more than before.

I'm slowly getting back into work for GovPartner. Pitched a column for an international magazine that the editor liked enough to make a two-part series. So it feels good to be writing again and to know I've still "got it" ;)

I don't know if the Friends With Class site will continue. For now, there are so many thank you cards to write, so many friends to catch up with... and I now find myself providing support for a dear cousin, friends and friends' family that have recently also been diagnosed with cancer. We have to all fight this together, you all made such a huge difference for me to know I wasn't fighting alone.

I'm happy to now be able to show others that you can get through anything, you will be stronger than ever and life falls into place once you realize that no matter what happens you will be fine.

Click here if you want to donate to the Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure, you can support my friend Melissa's team. She's the first mom from my son's playgroup to reach out and organize meals from the other moms, check in on me, just an amazing woman (and photographer, I should add -- check out

Big hug to everyone, I'm looking forward to start seeing you all at events around town again and excited that some of you are coming in from the east coast for a chance to catch up in person as the summer wraps up!

XOXO, Gaby

PS: I'm planning to attend the Moms In Business Unite Conference in September, and the International City / County Management Assn (ICMA) annual conference in San Jose in October -- let me know if I will see any of you there!

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