Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Favorite Summer Moment

Well we got many more beach days in this summer than last and it was so much fun! The water is still warm in Del Mar and at La Jolla Shores so we're not letting go of those fun memories with the kiddos just yet...

But when we think of our favorite summer moment, it is without a doubt a night that the we spent away from the kids, at the Coldplay concert in July.

It was so much fun, we had great tickets, the band was just terrific and we got to see them with my cousin Poncho and his wife Alicia who were visiting from Guadalajara (they loved it too!)

Click here to see a video we took at the show, and submit your favorite moment via the comments box... we can't wait to hear it!!

Gaby & Steve

THE TIP: Never park in the free parking at Coors Amphiteater where we saw Coldplay! We thought it was pretty cool that free parking was provided fairy close to the theater, but didn't realize that they let out every other lot before that one and so we sat in the car for one hour after the show until they finally opened up our lot!!


Katie and Jonas said...

new elephant exhibit at the zoo, Taylor loved it! and it was nice that my parents were in town and they really liked it too

nice vid by the way, were you guys like the only parents in that section (lol)

Sean said...

We were at that concert too. I think it was our favorite moment too. Funny that you got stuck in the parking lot. Everyone knows not to park there :)