Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eva Restaurant Opens to RAVE Reviews!

Eva Restaurant is finally open, and just about every day I see a new rave review about Chef Mark Gold's new "home" - just a few are below!

LA Weekly - "I just left the open house at Eva...it was packed, great vibe, very intimate, gorgeous black & white prints on walls, and of course the food was amazing! I don't know what Mark puts in his dishes, but I always want more...this guys food has soul!!!!"

Urban Daddy - "Just settle in by a window, and soon you'll see what he felt like cooking for you—all the food will come out on platters, to be served family-style, and yes, the all-inclusive price includes some free-flowing wine from bottles opened that week."

Mattatouille - "My dad's main course was a thick slice of poached beef tenderloin, nearly sous-vided (not exactly that preparation, but similar), and sided with an array of browned cauliflower and tender broccoli... My father was completely enamored by this dish, marveling at the combination of earthy vegetables and the stellar tenderloin."

EAT: Los Angeles Food GPS Review - "Gold grabbed the keys only three weeks ago, but the space is already camera-ready."

And our favorite YELP - "OMFG! This restaurant JUST opened and it's amazing! The hospitality of the staff is 5 stars alone!" and "OMFG is soooooo right!!! You know how you usually read these & think...should I believe this? IT WAS AMAZING from start to finish, every delectible little bite of food we ate, appetizer to entree to dessert was inspiring. Eva is your FAV. NYC corner restaurant that you miss so much...smack in the middle of LA... go figure... and the wine... who knew....such a deal... go now before...the masses find it...hurry...why are you still at your computer????? go........"


lee said...

whens the road trip?

lee said...

my friend is going to try the restaurant with an la meetup, are you going to set up a sd group to visit thru your meetup or the normal website?