Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ponyo Loves Sosuke

Given the recent heatwave, we decided to take our boys (2 and 4) to see a movie and pretty much just picked any "G-rated" film that was playing in Del Mar, since we planned to hit the beach afterwards. We were so beautifully surprised by Ponyo.

Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki teamed with Disney to create this animated story of Ponyo, a magical girl-goldfish (voice by Noah Cyrus, sister of Miley) who is rescued by an adorable 5-year-old boy named Sosuke (voice of Frankie Jonas, the little brother of the Jonas Brothers).

Sosuke's mom is voiced by Tina Fey and father is Matt Dillon, add in Liam Neeson and Cate Blanchett and it's a star-filled endeavor, but it is the pure imagination and love and honor of a little boy that is what you will remember.

The drawings are so creative and mesmerizing, it truly is a piece of art. And if you like the modern, hip anime this is a very cool way to spend a few hours.

Click here to check out the movie trailer, but honestly, no matter your age - go see this beautiful film!

THE TIP: It takes a great theater to host a great movie, and oftentimes the surroundings can make or break your movie experience. So I have to give a shout out to
UltraStar Del Mar Highlands 8 theater, where we saw the movie.

It is not the most modern theater, but the guy working the concessions actually came INTO the theater to find me to let me know the latte machine had been fixed (very sweet gesture, he must have seen the sadness in my eyes at the lack of caffeine after carting around with the kiddos all day - thanks!)

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Cameron said...

We loved the movie too ** funny story you shared about the vendor finding you inside the theater (the lights were dark?)