Friday, August 14, 2009

EVA Restaurant coming soon!

Remember the amazing chef we first introduced you to in 2007...? Chef Mark Gold...

We were excited to learn that he had received an "excellent" rating by the
LA Times Food Critic and are even more excited now to learn that he is achieving his dream of opening his own restaurant on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles.

So of course we have to go check out his amazing cooking in his new place.... so stay tuned for our first Friends With Class roadtrip to check out the upcoming EVA Restaurant.

The foodie blog and news world is abuzz with info about this hot new restaurant... Read more at:

THE TIP: Mark has something very special planned for Sundays... menu based on what was most fresh at the Farmer's Market that day and free-flowing wine, love it!

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Kat said...

we're there!