Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Channel 10 News...

We had a terrific Career Workshop on Saturday; in fact our instructor Marcy Morrison was featured on ABC 10 News as a result of the great feedback from the class. See the news clip at http://www.10news.com/video/17885547/index.html

Marcy did a great job of navigating the Friends With Class website during the segment for those that want to join us for her next Career Workshop on December 13th (
click here for details and to register).

If you missed the news, you can always visit the
News page on our website to see media coverage.

THE TIP: For our instructors, you never know how far your tips will reach! Marcy reached an unbelievable audience on the 6pm news the night before a historic election.

She also shared info on her speaking engagement at the Jobing.com Career Expo on Wednesday 11/5 at 12:15pm at the San Diego Convention Center. This is a FREE event for the public!


Geno said...

I saw that on the news, good job!

Anonymous said...

when are u doing another one? do you focus on a specific type of job industry at each chalss

Anonymous said...

i meant class * at each class, sorry