Monday, January 9, 2012

Freestyle Inspiration

Isn't life great when you're riding high?.... except when you're not.....

My inspiration to blog again came from an unlikely source this weekend. We had just completed a home project to add a garden which left us with tons of dirt that needed to be removed. Our contractor said he could haul it away later in the week but I wanted it gone sooner. So I posted "Free Fill Dirt" on Craigslist but only got calls from people that wanted the dirt delivered.

Then I got a text from someone saying they needed the dirt for a FMX (Free-style Motorcross) event. We texted back and forth, I assumed it was a guy and said I was willing to pay to have the dirt removed. Then I got a call, and it was a girl saying she was on her way. My contractor laughed when I told him who was coming to haul away the dirt ... little did he (or I) know what we were in for!

Turns out Kayla Kahn and her partner Samantha showed up with a borrowed truck and small utility trailer and hand-shoveled mountains of dirt, making back and forth trips to Pacific Beach where they needed to get their ramp set up for an event the next weekend.
They were an amazing inspiration of getting things done when you are determined to succeed. How often do we see this anymore??

Kayla described how she is fighting for sports equality so that girls can be comfortable participating -- and kicking butt -- in any sport. I had just read the entry below on a friend's Facebook page about her 7-yr old daughter and told Kayla there are so many girls out there that will benefit from her work.

Click here to read a recent news article on Kayla and Samantha's journey, when they ended up living in their car in Oregon after suddenly losing their sponsor and how they fought their way back to San Diego.

Come check them out Saturday, Jan 14th from 12-8pm (highlight at 2 pm) at Global RV Solutions in Pacific Beach: 2736 Garnet Ave - San Diego, CA 92109.

Admission is FREE, there will be food, music and Kayla on her motorbike!
Event details here)

Please help spread the word, and help make this a success. The girls are launching their own clothing line at the event and working to be self-sufficient toward their goals :)

At one point Kayla said, "I couldn't believe it when you offered $300 to take the dirt -- that is exactly the amount we were short to pay for the kicker ramp." I don't know what exactly a kicker ramp is, but I do know when life just aligns sometimes to show you undeniable inspiration.

THE TIP: If you need something done just roll up your sleeves and make it happen yourself. Also, don't put off anything for tomorrow that you can get done today -- right now!

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Katy said...

saw this on twitter, wow. great blog, your own story is inspiring