Monday, July 13, 2009

Casting Call from RJ at Single

A message from our friend RJ at - pass on to any single dads you know who would be interested in being part of an upcoming TV show...

From RJ: "I have an opportunity to share and we need your help. SingleDad has been approached by a casting director for a SingleFather TV show and I need to cast (2) more Single Fathers who fit a particular category for the show: A SingleDad never married, Widowed Father, and divorced father all apply. Full Time Dad, Full Custody with Children preferred."

You can contact RJ by July 15th at and he will ask for a brief bio of how the Father became a single parent, a family photo, an individual photo and anything unique about your circumstances.

And for the rest of us... we'll stay tuned for this new TV show that will certainly be interesting and engaging :)

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