Sunday, April 19, 2009

Live From Del Mar...

Blogging live from Del Mar... kind of makes me feel like Anderson Cooper here, I wish :)

But I just finished a presentation on the "Style Stage" at the
Head to Toe Women's EXPO in Del Mar with our instructor Marcy Morrison (that's us in the photo above presenting and then me blogging!)

We talked about "Finding Your Dream Job" and it was such a treat to share my own experience from jobs in Washington DC, Los Angeles, with governments all over the country and now launching Friends With Class.

There were so many great questions -- this is such a tough time right now for people looking to find their Dream Job, but we had one woman show up to share her success story following the tips Marcy laid out in her book. (that's her below!)

We had people sign up for our next "Career Class - May 11th" on the spot and share tips among themselves.

Gotta go now because the next presentation is starting, I just met author Tedde McMillen and want to hear all about her "Million Dollar Cup of Tea" -- another great success story!

THE TIP: Get out there and network, listen to other people's struggles,success stories and get inspiration from those going through the same situation as you. I learned so much from the questions audience members asked us. Thanks everyone who came out!!


Jamie said...

You did a wonderful job young lady, congratulations to you and Marcy.

Gabriela said...

I have to repeat a comment I posted on Facebook about this post that got some really sweet feedback:

Quick comment on the photos from the event this morning: I can't believe I stood up on a stage and presented having literally just washed my hair in the morning and pulled back into a ponytail (no blowdry, no style to save my sorry... tail). But we were in LA for a bday party yesterday and decided to stop at Disneyland, and stay until 11 pm to see fireworks... So choice was either stay out super late and finish the pres in the morning leaving no time to get ready, or go home. Seeing the boys faces at the biggest fireworks ever and riding "Buzz Lightyear" won out. GOOD CHOICE!!!