Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sugar Jones on Chicks Who Chat - Favorite Find!

You never know who you're going to meet as a Friends With Class student!

This week, not only did a group of gals get to learn how to "Organize With Confidence" but they also got to meet the fabulous Sugar Jones, at her home... a big THANK YOU to Sugar for being our wonderful hostess.

It is such a treat to hear her voice on the "Chicks Who Chat" radio and what an even bigger treat to meet her in person.

The radio show covers everything from PR and social media to topics like "Mean Girls," emerging trends and just fun things to chat about. As a mom, Sugar shares mom tips and has a fun time chatting, blogging and tweeting -- check her out, and you'll see why SHE is a favorite find!

THE TIP: Become one of the 5,600+ that follow Sugar on Twitter and have a smile guaranteed from her tweets :)


Sugar Jones said...

aaaaaaaaawww... thanks! It was sooo my pleasure!! Tracy was an amazing find for me, as well as Friends With Class. I'm looking forward to seeing people learn and have fun through this awesome site!

Gabriela said...

Everyone loved you - surprise ;) Can't wait to see photos, I'll post soon and hopefully there are some good before and after shots as I heard you got a lot done!