Thursday, December 11, 2008

Radio Interviews

I was interviewed by SignOnSanDiego radio and Savvy Parent Radio, audio clips below:

Click on the MP3 segments
See the Nov 20th clip, "Neworking Mothers"

Now you know why they call me "Gaby" - I hate hearing media interviews after the fact, but there should be some interesting tidbits in there for you!

I'm including this post in the "Resaturants" label because the SignOn interview was with Alicia, owner of Java Mama (yummy food, great coffee and fun for the little ones).

THE TIP: You can get so much great advice, in real time, via radio shows. My favorite call-in shows are the George Chamberlin "Buckets of Money" show, Dr. Laura for relationship / parenting advice and "Editor's Roundtable" on KPBS / NPR! What are yours?


Anonymous said...

You are so amazing. You inspire me every time I talk to you. Here is to 2009! I just interviewed with Adelaide (Savvy Parent), too, so I will tell you when it is up. Here is looking to being involved with more of your classes and a NY toast to what you are doing with FWC. Cheers to your beautiful family and to you, you amazing mama.

Stacey Ross

Gabriela said...

You're awesome too - the best thing about this FWC experience has been meeting so many amazing people and you're right at the top of the list :)